Designed for marketers, Live CMS offers complete control of content creation and management

Live CMS makes it easy to add and edit content and update your site with videos, photos, documents and more. With an intuitive layout and simple to use features, it is a snap to build high quality websites, landing pages, and digital content.

You can useLive CMS’s flexibility to add new features as your business strategy evolves. We help you attract and retain customers by making it easy to create marketing messages and content that reflects your brand and your location.


Less is more. Live CMS is easy to use and is customized to contain only the features you need to update your website. If you can make a post to Facebook, you can use Live CMS. Other content management systems require an advanced skill-set, making them easy to break and difficult to use for the non-coding novice.

Brand-approved. Custom templates in Live CMS ensure that the look and feel of your brand will remain consistent across all of your sites. The only thing that changes from site to site is the content.

Grant access at your discretion. With Live CMS you can add as many administrators as you’d like and since it's a web-based platform, you’ll never need to install software. This means you’ll be able to update your website from any computer with an internet connection.

Get support online or by phone. If you have questions about using Live CMS, our customer service representatives are here Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm ET.


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