We've partnered with Rackspace to offer the most secure hosting available.

The Zero-Downtime Network™ consists of nine global data centres. Each one is engineered for the highest security possible.

Each data centre is monitored under both interior and exterior 24 hour surveillance. Keycard and biometric protocols are used to ensure only authorized personnel can enter the building. Only those with prior clearance and an appropriate escort can enter the production area of the data centre. Multiple and extensive background checks are preformed for every data centre employee before they are hired.

N+1 redundant HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) are used throughout each data centre, this ensures a duplicate backup system will be deployed in the rare case of an HVAC system failure. The air in each data centre is circulated and filtered to clean the air from dust and contaminants. In the improbable event of a fire, advanced suppression systems stop fires from spreading.

Every data centre’s power system is designed to run uninterrupted should a power outage ever occur, this is done by using UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) power. N+1 redundant power subsystems with instantaneous failover are used in the event that the primary UPS fails. In the unlikely event of an extended power shortage, routinely tested, on-site diesel generators can be deployed to run indefinitely.

All enterprise-class routing equipment in every data centre is fully redundant. To guard against service failure, fiber carriers enter each data centre at disparate points.

Every networking and security team member is certified. They are also required to be thoroughly experienced in monitoring and managing enterprise level networks. Each Certified Network Technician is trained to the highest industry standards.


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